Spring Equals Spinning

There is something about a lovely Spring morning that makes me want to head to the garden to spin on my wheel. In winter I tend to burrow under blankets to knit and by Summer it's too hot to hold lengths of fiber in my hands for very long. The cool breeze of a Spring morning along with some freshly brewed coffee screams spinning time. 

I have always loved the bright hues of hand dyed fiber but, it took me a long time to try my hand at the drop spindle. I instantly fell in love with the meditative quality of preparing your fiber and spinning it into a new beautiful yarn. The texture of hand-spun is absolutely breathtaking and it wasn't long before I purchased a wheel of my own. 

When I think of spinning wheels Sleeping Beauty springs to mind. With a delicate wheel and spindly legs these classic wheels are gorgeous to look at, but I'm hard on my tools and wanted something a bit more sturdy. 

After some research I found BlueBonnet Spinning Wheels on etsy. They hand build gorgeous wood spinning wheels and are based out of Cleveland Texas. I chose the BumbleBee specifically because it is so affordable ($225) and sturdy. Because I had never spun on a wheel I didn't want to spend a fortune on something I might not like. 

I had nothing to worry about. I took to spinning like a fish to water. Once I started I knew I would never stop. In most of my life I am all over the place and it is hard to find moments where I can be calm and relaxed. Spinning offers me that opportunity. Watching the colors stretch and transform along with the feel of the fiber running through my fingers provides the slow relaxing atmosphere of meditation. 

This year as the garden thawed and we began preparing the beds for planting I brought out and took stock of my spinning. Instantly I decided that I had procrastinated enough on learning to chain-ply.

I watched several videos, and people chain-ply but there was this silly mental block in the way. Mostly it was that I am so new to spinning that I didn't want to ruin any of my hand-dyed fiber. 

With Spring looming and the weather warming up, there was nothing else to be done but jump right in. 

I don't know why I waited to learn to chain-ply. It is a beautiful way to finish spinning that looks clean and professional. With every skein I make and every new skill I pick up my spinning is more enjoyable and looks better. 

All of this spinning mania started by learning drop spindle in case I needed to answer questions for a class that was being taught at the lys I worked at. Now I am in  love with the entire process from undyed fiber to finished yarn for your next crochet or knit project. Spin on my friends and make this year one where you learn a new technique or art form just for the fun of it.